We put ourselves under enormous pressure when we deny our values. The driving force of any human being is their heart. An open heart has a clear vision, is inspired by all of life, and serves a purpose greater than self. When the heart goes out of it, the human being fragments into a series of disconnected parts and self-sabotages. We sabotage anything we cannot link to our spiritual purpose in life.

Sabotage is felt in tiredness, burnout, exhaustion and anger. Frustration is the marker of self-sabotage. We cannot hold it together when our heart is not in it. Relationship or business, we must learn how to put our heart and soul into what we do.

If a relationship is broken it is because the heart has gone out. Heart goes out when trust is broken. This is repairable with time and coaching.

Putting your heart into your work and life makes you indispensable and that feels very powerful and secure. So it is a great way to bring spiritual strength into your life.