Nothing in nature is aimless. There is a purpose in all things.

In all vibration there is to be found a certain rhythm. Rhythm holds the universe in it’s song.The swing of the planets around the sun, the rise and fall of the sea, the beating of the heart, the ebb and flow of the tide, all follow rhythmic laws.The oscillating rays of the sun reach us, the rain descends upon us, and again rises, all in obedience to the same law. All growth is but an exhibition of this law of rhythm. All motion, is a manifestation of, the law of rhythm.

Our bodies are as much subject to rhythmic laws as is this planet all in revolution around the sun. Much of wonder and beauty of life is based upon this known principle of nature.And by falling in with this rhythm, we are able to celebrate a great love of life, which we can use to bring about the results we desire.

This body you occupy is like a small inlet running in to the land from the sea. It is subject to the ebb and flow of the tides of the ocean.This great sea of life is swelling and receding, rising and falling and we are responding to its vibrations and rhythm.

The struggle on the part of nature to give birth to our little world and its burden of humanity must be a part of some greater rhythm, a harmony so huge it is hard to comprehend, our tiny existence in this huge universe, must be a part of some greater purpose. Time has not been used recklessly, because nature is an attentive officer of time. She would not allow the waste of one billion years no more than she would waste a second

Everything in this universe fits some part of a greater puzzle, everything has a purpose, everything thinks.Trees think, rocks think. They have a beginning and an end, they have an innate destiny, they begin in one form and end in another. And so, the whole intention is written before things materialize. In the seed of a tree is it’s destiny. Birth, life death and the vital things in between which make it fit into the puzzle of life, are prearranged. Destiny is written. And that destiny is evolution.

Evolution is not linear. It happens, like nature in spurts, nature does not grow constantly but in cycles. Such is life. Cycles of growth, rest and release.This is the flow, the natural flow of life for which most of us are not adept. We rest easily, we grow by force of circumstance and we cannot let go. Even our dead we hold for life.We cannot let go.This is, the conflict between human conditions and natural conditions, the automatic cycles are not yet comfortable with human kind, we seek with incredible tenacity to deny the cycles and so fall out of harmony with nature.

TO be in harmony with nature, and therefore the universal song, we must grow, evolve.This is the keynote, evolution.We are thought, the pure sound, manifest into form as ice comes from water, and we seek the harmonic from which we came, that perfect note. The path is the purpose of life.